Decentralised rainwater management

Without rainwater, everything is nothing!

Rainwater management is very diverse. There are many ways to use rainwater, store it and return it to the natural water cycle.

We, BRAUN GmbH, are specialised in realising these possibilities. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting industry as well as municipalities and private households with our know-how in all matters.

Markus Braun
Founder & CEO

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The use cases of rainwater management.

Efficient rainwater management is an important component in meeting the challenges of urban water management. Our solutions improve the water cycle in urban areas, minimise pollutant inputs and fulfil legal framework conditions such as the German Water Resources Act (WHG). It is time to increasingly put these approaches into practice and thus make an important contribution to environmental protection.


For many years, we have been assisting interested parties in all questions of rainwater utilisation. Whether modern rainwater storage tanks or rainwater utilisation systems for building services.

Cities and municipalities

We support municipalities in the implementation of legal requirements. Be it rainwater retention and use of rainwater or decentralised infiltration directly on site.


Companies also rely on our knowledge in rainwater management. Whether rainwater storage with cisterns up to 100 m³ or the cleaning and treatment of rainwater.

Rainwater management on a professional level.

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Design rain barrels

Rainwater harvesting above ground

With our diverse rain barrels, you can store rainwater in a stylish way. The authentic surfaces make the above-ground rainwater storage tanks a real highlight in the garden or on the terrace. Accessories such as rain collectors and connectors provide the necessary functionality.

Our rainwater barrels can be connected or combined if desired. Different designs fit stylishly into any garden setting.

Plastic cisterns

Underground rainwater harvesting

We offer underground cisterns for every application – whether for pure garden irrigation or in combination with building services. In the house, rainwater can be used perfectly for flushing the toilet or the washing machine.

Efficient filters in the cistern clean the rainwater and free it from impurities. You can conveniently direct the water to the place of consumption via the technical connection.

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Decentralised rainwater seepage

Increasing land sealing and urbanisation pose a major challenge. Sealing makes the natural infiltration of precipitation water into the soil much more difficult. This not only affects the water balance, but can also lead to flooding.

Our infiltration systems offer a sustainable solution. Seepage shafts, seepage boxes and igloo systems catch the water and drain it slowly and in a controlled manner into the ground.


Rainwater retention

In the last two decades, heavy precipitation has increased drastically. Flood protection and stormwater retention are therefore becoming increasingly important. The frequency of heavy rainfall events requires proactive measures to protect against flooding.

The retention cistern is a crucial step to minimise property damage and financial burdens. With our offer, cities and municipalities find the best solution for their individual needs. Private individuals receive additional usable volume for rainwater utilisation if required.


Extinguishing water

Extinguishing water supply

Given the increasing number of forest fires and the limited water supply in many areas, it is essential to be prepared for a reliable supply of extinguishing water. In order to be able to react quickly in the event of a fire, extinguishing water tanks are of crucial importance.

Our extinguishing water tanks comply with DIN 14230 and are available up to a volume of 100m³. The extinguishing water cisterns are specially designed for fire brigades and are suitable for fighting forest fires. Other areas of application are industrial plants, airports, wind farms, residential areas and farms.

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