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Your contact for rainwater management.

In our online shops you will find the entire spectrum of rainwater management. Depending on the area of application, you will find selected and technically mature components in our websites.

To ensure that you are completely satisfied, we have everything you need – from the smallest accessories for cisterns and rain barrels to large containers for rainwater retention or fire-fighting water storage with a volume of up to 100 m³. Take a look at our shops and immerse yourself in the world of rainwater management.

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Rain barrels and accessories


In the Regentonnenshop you will find a large selection of modern rain barrels. From square to round, with a lid or as a practical wall tank. Our rain barrels are available up to 2000 litres and in many popular colours.

The accessories are perfectly matched to our range and make every rain barrel a real all-rounder. Connection sets for more volume or rain collectors with filters in different colours to match the downpipe.


Cisterns, underground tanks and flat tanks


In our shop zisterne.info customers can find all components for underground rainwater utilisation. From round and shallow rainwater cisterns to matching accessories such as manhole covers and dome shafts.

In addition to the products, you will also find comprehensive advice on buying a cistern in the shop. Determine your rainwater requirements and the right size of tank. Of course, you can also contact us at any time if you have further questions.

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Trenches and infiltration systems


Sickerschacht.com is the shop for decentralised infiltration of rainwater. Here you will find plastic trenches in various shapes. The systems can be expanded in volume as desired and adapted to your property conditions.

Infiltration shafts, infiltration boxes and infiltration igloos made of PE are easy to install thanks to their low weight. Suitable infiltration filters catch impurities and only channel clean rainwater into your system.

External cistern filters and rainwater filters


At Zisternenfilter.com customers can find external rainwater filters, internal flow filters for installation in the cistern as well as shaft filters for underground installation and pre-filters for leaves and other debris.

With our partner 3P Technik, we offer various filter designs. The filters fit all common rainwater cisterns. Regardless of the size, shape and material of the underground tank.

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Retention cisterns with drainage throttle


At Regenspeicher.de, cities, municipalities and private interested parties can obtain retention cisterns with retention throttle for the retention and delayed discharge of rainwater into the sewage system.

Depending on the requirements of the municipality, we offer retention cisterns in different volumes. The flow rate of the retention throttle can be adjusted to the required value. If desired, retention can even be combined with a private utility volume.

Underground extinguishing water tanks according to DIN 14230


Are you planning a project or have you received specifications from your municipality for fire water storage? At Loeschwassertank.com you will find extinguishing water cisterns with accessories according to DIN 14230 and suction connection according to DIN 14244.

In addition to underground extinguishing water tanks, we also offer above-ground solutions and mobile extinguishing water storage tanks with surge protection. Please feel free to send us your enquiry and our planning team will prepare a suitable offer for you.

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