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The Rainwater Company

The sustainable use of resources is more important today than ever before. Especially when it comes to tackling environmental problems, the efficient use of rainwater plays a decisive role.

As a leading expert in the field of rainwater utilisation and rainwater management, we are your reliable contact for all questions in this context.

BRAUN GmbH Firmengebäude

Our philosophy

We have been active in the field of stormwater management for more than two decades. Our expertise has made us a trusted source of expertise and quality solutions around water management.

With competence and commitment, we always offer you customised solutions for rainwater utilisation and rainwater treatment.

BRAUN GmbH has an experienced team of professionals who are passionate about promoting rainwater harvesting and conserving our natural resources.

Our company history

Braun GmbH altes Büro in Gingen an der Fils

June 07, 2002

Foundation of BRAUN GmbH

Markus Braun founds the company BRAUN GmbH with headquarters in Gingen. At the time, the historic first post office building in Gingen, built in 1902, served as the office.

since 2002

Expertise – Filtering and treating rainwater

As the division manager of 3P Technik for decades, Markus Braun takes over online sales and expert advice for filter systems for rainwater utilisation in cooperation with 3P. In addition to cistern filters and external rainwater filters, customers can also obtain solutions for rainwater retention and filters for large industrial plants from BRAUN.

Interested parties can conveniently purchase filters and accessories for cisterns via zisternenfilter.com. More information on the filter systems is available at www.regenwasserfilter.net.

Filtersysteme zur Regenwassernutzung
Regentonnen für oberirdische Regenwassernutzung

since 2008

Expertise – above-ground rainwater harvesting

BRAUN GmbH is now also a competent partner for the collection and use of rainwater. In addition to selling beautifully shaped rain barrels in all designs via www.regentonnenshop.de, the company provides comprehensive information about rain barrels and accessories on information sites such as regentonne.de.

since 2014

Expertise – storing and using rainwater underground

Environmental protection and resource conservation are becoming increasingly important. That is why more and more people want to use rainwater instead of expensive drinking water. With our many years of experience in rainwater utilisation, we support our customers in all questions concerning the installation of a cistern.
At www.zisterne.info we offer cisterns and rainwater tanks in all sizes and shapes.

You can find more information on cisterns on our information page kunststoffzisterne.com or generally on regenwassernutzung.com.

Zisternen rund und flach zum unterirdischen Speichern von Regenwasser
Verschiedene Rigolensysteme zum Versickern von Regenwasser vor Ort

since 2015

Expertise – Decentralised rainwater infiltration

Due to increasing urbanisation, the infiltration of rainwater on site is becoming more and more important. Due to the sealing of surfaces, intelligent solutions are required to return surface water to the soil and groundwater. BRAUN supports its customers in all questions of infiltration and offers suitable solutions at www.sickerschacht.com.

Our customers can find further information such as dimensioning of infiltration systems, legal framework conditions and differences between the various systems at www.versickerung.org

June 25, 2018

Commercial Register Announcements

Granting of joint procuration to the shareholders Jürgen Ziesche and Daniel Ziehfreund.

BRAUN GmbH neues Bürogebäude in Eislingen an der Fils

October 01, 2019

Office move

Move into the new office building in Eislingen.

Due to strong growth and the increasing number of employees, the BRAUN company moves into a new office building in Eislingen an der Fils. Modern workplaces as well as a conference room and storage space are now available to the company.

In addition, since September 2019, apprentices have also been trained in the new occupational profile of “businessman in e-commerce”.


Trade mark announcements

Registration of the trademarks FLORANTA ® and REGENTA ® at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

Our FLORANTA ® product line includes not only beautifully designed rainwater barrels developed in-house, but also complete cistern packages with garden pumps and technical boxes. With REGENTA ® we offer a very affordable entry into rainwater harvesting with expansion packages including important accessories.


Markenanmeldung der BRAUN GmbH - Florantia und Regenta
TÜV Zertifikate für die BRAUN GmbH Onlineshops

March 09, 2020

TÜV Süd s@fer shopping – certified

BRAUN’s online shops meet the criteria of TÜV Süd. The entire shopping process, from advice to ordering and processing to the protection of personal data, is safe for our customers. Our shops have been awarded the s@fer shopping certificate for their high level of security and quality.

June 07, 2022

20 years BRAUN

The company BRAUN GmbH celebrates its 20th anniversary.

We are pleased to have been at your side with our competence in all questions of rainwater utilisation for 20 years.


BRAUN GmbH 20 Jahre Jubiläum

November 03, 2022

Patent application

Water conduit device for the treatment of rainwater.

March 31, 2023

Additional Managing Director

Jürgen Ziesche is appointed as an additional Managing Director.


April 06, 2023

Patent application

Filter device and water tank arrangement

from 2024

BRAUN Internationalisation

Due to the steady growth and high demand, we will in future also serve international customers from e.g. France, Italy, Spain or England in addition to the German-speaking countries.


Landkarte Westeuropa mit Flaggen auf England, Frankreich, Italien und Portugal