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Here you will find our large selection of high-quality products for rainwater management.

In addition to our own FLORANTIA ® and REGENTA ® product lines, we offer exclusive brands from well-known partners. Store and use the rainwater and rely on first-class quality.

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Our product range by application area.

moderne Regenspeicher

Modern rainwater storage

Rain barrels and accessories

With FLORANTIA ®, Arves ® and Waterform ® we offer a wide range of rainwater barrels made of high-quality plastic. The result is decorative rain barrels with a lifelike appearance and elegant design. With our rainwater collectors and matching accessories, the barrels are easy to install.

Each rain barrel is frost-proof and UV-resistant due to the materials used. Experience modern rainwater storage for the garden and terrace and make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

Plastic cisterns

Underground rainwater tanks

In a complex production process, plastic granulate is filled into a mould and then heated in a high-performance oven. Due to the rotation, the granulate clings to the outer walls of the mould and remains in rotation until the tank has cooled down.

The result is a monolithic and 100% leak-proof tank without any gaps. With our REGENTA ® product line, you get rainwater cisterns for the garden and domestic use at an attractive price advantage.


Seepage systems

Soakaway shafts and boxes

With our diverse infiltration trenches, you can infiltrate rainwater directly on site. The seepage shafts, seepage igloos and seepage boxes are very light and can be used anywhere thanks to their narrow design.

Our infiltration systems are complemented by a wide range of filters that efficiently clean the rainwater before it is fed into the groundwater. With a well thought-out rainwater infiltration system, you save on wastewater charges and preventively reduce the risk of flooding.

Rainwater retention

Retention cisterns and drainage throttles

A retention cistern not only offers effective backflow protection, but also makes rainwater usable for the house and garden. In addition to the actual volume for retention, our retention cisterns also have an optional usable volume that can be used for garden irrigation or domestic use. A built-in outlet throttle enables precise control of the discharge volume into the sewer so as not to overload the municipal sewer network.


Filter systems

Cistern filter and leaf separator

Our cistern filters are characterised by the highest quality. The stainless steel screen integrated in most of our filters can be removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes, which makes care much easier.

Our partner 3P Technik is not only characterised by the widest range of rainwater filters, but also constantly strives to bring new innovations to the market. In this way, we ensure that our customers always benefit from the latest developments in the field of rainwater filtration.

Extinguishing water tank

Extinguishing water cistern up to 100m³

The underground extinguishing water tanks meet the strict requirements of DIN 14230 and thus guarantee the highest quality and safety. The underground extinguishing water tank is already delivered with all important accessories. When it comes to transporting extinguishing water and other liquids, our mobile transport drums with surge protection are the right choice.

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